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Book any of our flexible high-quality meeting rooms for Trainings, Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Discussions. Our beautiful, fully-equipped meeting rooms and event spaces are available to the public, but our members do enjoy a discount!

A meeting room can be a powerful tool for making decisions and carrying out important tasks.


Number of people that this solution can accommodate : 1-20
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civic organizations may endorse these initiatives, they must also consider the needs of their members in order to remain responsible and legally protected.In conclusion, when considering who to allow inside your meeting room or event space, take into account local laws as well as any potential risks that may be posed by allowing certain individuals access. Remember that ultimately, it is up to you and your team to decide who you will invite in and who you will deny entry.

Need a room to host your seminar? Africa Works offers you its meeting room

When planning a meeting or event, it's important to remember that local laws may dictate who can and cannot enter your space. You should also be aware of any potential risks posed by allowing certain individuals inside. Be sure to take the time to consider both the needs of your organization and its members when deciding who to allow in your meeting room. Make sure you are informed, responsible, and legally protected when making these decisions.

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Our meeting rooms are perfect for any occasion. They have uninterrupted power to keep everything running smoothly, a kitchnette for when you need refreshments and snacks, fast fiber internet service for streaming audio and video, reception services for incoming guests, conferencing equipment to stay connected with remote participants, and plenty of parking available nearby. All these features combine to make our rooms the ideal spot for hosting events or meetings!

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Meeting Rooms
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Meeting Rooms
Meeting Rooms
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Meeting Rooms
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Meeting Rooms
Meeting Rooms
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