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  1. For the safety and enjoyment of all Members of our community, all Members, guests, and others using our spaces shall act in a respectful manner in the space, use the space in a manner consistent with typical commercial office building usage, and shall not perform any activity or cause or permit anything that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to us or any members, or our/their employees, guests, or property. Use of any AfricaWorks (AW) space to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities is strictly prohibited.
  2. You may not allow any guest(s)  to enter the building without registering such guest(s) according to our policies.
  3. You are responsible for your guests while they are in the AW space. AW reserves the right to restrict access to guests in the event such access or use of the AW space violates these House Rules or the terms of your Service Agreement.
  4. You are not permitted to make copies of any keys, keycards or other means of entry to any AW space, or lend, share or transfer any keys or keycards to any third party, unless authorized by us in advance.
  5. No additional locks or locks of any kind should be placed by you or the Members on the doors and/or windows of the premises.
  6. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated for whatever reason. Specifically, AW prohibits discrimination and/or harassment against any individual on our Premises, including AW employees, members, suppliers, and guests. 
  7. While you are using an AW space, you are responsible for your individual personal property. AW will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  8. No items can be stored or left overnight in the communal space.
  9. Persons using our space may not, without our prior approval, operate any equipment in our space that has a higher heat output or electrical consumption than in a typical office environment, or places excessive strain on our electrical, IT, HVAC or structural systems. This includes reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, stereo equipment or other mechanical amplification equipment, coin dispenser or token, refrigerator, kettle or coffee maker. In addition, Members may not engage in mechanical activity in the office space, may not cook, use or allow oil-based fuels, gasoline, kerosene for heating or lighting to be used in the premises. No items deemed dangerous, explosive or flammable may be brought into the office space. 
  10. Weapons of any kind, and any other offensive, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive materials are strictly prohibited in any AW space. No firearms will be allowed in the premises.
  11. Please be advised that for security reasons, we may, in our discretion, regularly record certain areas in our spaces via video.
  12. Members are not permitted to attach or affix any items to the walls, install antennas, or telecommunication lines or devices in the office space or bring additional furniture into the office space, in each case without our prior written consent. 
  13. Members and guests may not misrepresent him or herself to the AW community, either in person or on any digital tool used by our Community.
  14. You may not take or copy information belonging to the AW, other Members or their guests.
  15. Members and their guests may not use the name “AfricaWorks” or use pictures or illustrations of the Premises in any advertising, publicity or other purpose, without our written consent; nor use any private office space in a “retail,” “medical,” “training,” “event” or other nature involving visits by the public.
  16. It is not permissible to host any kind of event in a private office or common area without formal written consent from AW.
  17. Carts, dollies, and other freight items may not be used in the passenger elevator except at our discretion, if at all.
  18. You shall promptly notify us of any change to your contact and payment information.
  19. Members may not perform any alteration regarding telecommunication or IT network without our prior consent. We may refuse such alteration at our reasonable discretion. 
  20. For any persons using the AW wireless internet and/or the AW Member Network, such persons’ computers, tablets, mobile devices and other electronic equipment must be (a) kept up-to-date with the latest software updates provided by the software vendor and (b) kept clean of any malware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, or anything that is designed to perform malicious, hostile and/or intrusive operations.  We reserve the right to remove any device from our networks that poses a threat to our networks or users until the threat is remediated.
  21. Some of our spaces are pet friendly. You can confirm whether certain AW locations are pet friendly by contacting the building’s Community team. We may require persons bringing pets to an AW space to produce proof of vaccination for such pet and/or evidence of compliance with applicable local regulations. You will be responsible for any injury or damage caused by any pet to other members or guests or other occupants of the Premises or to the property of AW or any employees, members, guests, other occupants, or the owner(s) of the AW space, and AW will not be liable for any injury to pets in our spaces. Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to restrict any person’s right to bring a pet into an AW space at our discretion.
  22. Members may not bring discredit on AW.
  23. Prior written consent is required prior to erecting interior or exterior signs at or on the office space or attaching anything to windows, walls or other parts of the premises.
  24. Smoking within the premises is strictly prohibited.
  25. Members may not consume alcohol bought outside of the premises; 
  26. Members and their guests may not leave hallway doors, exit doors or gates open during or after regular business hours. All corridors, halls and stairs must not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entry and exit.
  27. You are entitled to use the Premises address as your professional address provided that: 
    1. such practice is compliant with local law and regulation; 
    2. you have a signed agreement with AW; 

Updated: September, 2023

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