AfricaWorks Offices Are The Perfect Alternative To Startup Head Quarters

The pandemic accelerated a shift toward a decentralized way of working. As restrictions lift and employees return to the office, companies are increasingly looking toward flexible workspace solutions as a way to reduce their existing office space.

AfricaWorks Offices decentralization is the process of setting up satellite offices closer to where employees live. This strategy reduces the reliance on a single central headquarters, provides teams with accessible, flexible, and convenient places to work, and cuts down on employees’ commute times. A satellite office can range in size from a single desk for an individual employee to a workspace housing hundreds of workers.

A Flexible Co-working space like AfricaWorks offices is the best space to plant your team. An environment that is flexible and community-oriented.

From an employee perspective, a decentralized workspace model provides the flexibility to work from home but, at the same time, have access to a proper work environment that’s close to home. It also creates the opportunity to collaborate with peers who live nearby and have social interactions with other people.

From a business perspective, this can lead to fewer costs – instead of renting a huge office space in CBDs, office space costs can be distributed over several workspaces in less expensive areas. Providing employees with access to a proper workspace will also boost employee productivity and that’s critical for the business performance.

How can AfricaWorks help you decentralize your office?

Whether your goal is to launch a satellite office in a convenient location closer to where your employees live, or to minimize the risk to your workers by reducing your existing office space, AfricaWorks flexible workspaces can help you decentralize your company quickly and without locking yourself into restrictive long-term leases.

AfricaWorks designs & operates flexible coworking spaces to help Africa’s best businesses to grow. AfricaWorks’community is a mix of global Multinationals, local Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and fast-growing start-ups. You can give your employees a dedicated workspace or open a satellite office in any one of 10 AfricaWorks locations in 8 cities – Abidjan, Accra, Cairo, Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Dakar, Lagos, and Nairobi across Africa.

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