Discover our space in the tech district of Tanzania, also known as Silicon Dar, this flexible space offers a productive atmosphere for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build and collaborate under OneRoof®.

Based in Westlands – the region’s commercial hub, this space prides itself in providing excellent office facilities and services, with a view of the skyline of Nairobi.

Our flexible spaces in this region empower entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to come together to share resources, ideas and grow under OneRoof®.

Located in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, we offer our members with the inspiration they need to build their business and network.

Centrally located in the airport residential area, this is the perfect space for people who lead a busy life and need a convenient location to conduct business.

Located in the fast-growing capital of Zambia, this space provides a roof for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be effective in their day-to-day work. The space offers more than 2000 sqm of shared spaces, communal areas, private offices, meeting rooms and high-speed internet.

Conveniently located in Victoria Island – the commercial heart of Lagos, this space drives a business culture of networking, creativity and innovation.

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