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Co-working space at Accra - AfricaWorks


Country : Ghana

AfricaWorks is bringing co-working to Accra, giving ambitious businesses the opportunity to grow and reach their goals. The shared office space has a dedicated team of professionals, with a calm boardroom atmosphere. With a budget that's truly focused on quality and strengthening strategies, AfricaWorks is leading the way in research and solutions to help local businesses expand and drive growth. This board provides the trust and support needed for any business looking to head into a successful future.


AfricaWorks in Accra is the perfect place to realize your ambitions and turn your ideas into reality. No matter what your budget is, you can confidently drive growth and expand your business with us. Visit Volta Place or Stanbic Heights and see for yourself how far you can go! With our Daily Pass, Africa Pass, Meeting Rooms, and Virtual Offices solutions, you'll have all the support you need to lead, manage, strategize, research, and truly strengthen your company. You can trust that we offer quality services for your team !

Stanbic Heights


Josephine Doegah
Managing Director, Ghana & East Africa
Experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in several industries in Busines Development, with excellent Customer Service skills.

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35 Patrice Lumumba Street, Accra, Ghana
+233 262 229 291

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