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Looking for a coworking space in Accra. Book high-quality flexible office spaces and network with like-minded professionals in our vibrant coworking spaces. Walk into one of our facilities in Accra or reserve your space online in one of our shared workspaces across the continent.

Coworking in the area.

We are currently in two locations in Accra.

  1. AfricaWorks Accra – Airport Residential

35 Patrice Lumumba Street, Airport Residential Area 4th Floor, Volta Place, Accra, Ghana

  1. AfricaWorks Accra – Airport City

4th Floor, Stanbic Heights · +233 26 222 9291


co-working space in Accra Ghana

Coworking solutions that work for you

Trusted by multinationals and fast-growing startups like Loreal, Paystack, Glovo, Toyota, and Universal Music Group, AfricaWorks provides high-quality modern coworking and flexible workspace services to businesses in Accra.

Hot desk

All the facilities of a professional office in an inspiring shared workspace. For freelancers and entrepreneurs on the go, AfricaWorks hot desks is the perfect place to get work done.

Accra Dedicated desks

coworking space in Accra Ghana

Reserve a desk in any of our high-quality shared workspaces.


  • Reserved for you
  • Collaborate with like-minded professionals
  • Work from any of our locations in Accra and across Africa

Accra Private Offices

Your very own Private Office for single entrepreneurs or large-sized teams in Accra. You benefit from a 24/7 fully functional modern flexible corporate office space.

Enterprise solutions For businesses that want more

Private Offices Space

AfricaWorks’s Enterprise solutions allow businesses to create a space with their own branding, conference rooms, executive offices, common areas, and amenities. AfricaWorks prime location makes it a top choice for people looking for the best office space to work in Accra.

See how Universal Music Group customized their workspace at AfricaWorks.

Features and services in AfricaWorks Coworking Space

  • 24 hours light and Wi-Fi
  • Modern meeting rooms
  • Board rooms
  • Call booths
  • Valet parking

    More ways to work.

    • Flexible Office Space in Accra

      The perfect place for your team to focus and do work that counts while we take care of the rest.

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    • Coworking

      Be part of a vibrant coworking community with a dedicated desk or hot-desking options.

      Learn more

    • Virtual Offices in Accra

      Build trust for your business, get an Accra location for your business correspondence. Build an instant presence wherever you need to be.

      Learn more

    • Membership

      Get access to a continent-wide network of workspaces and meeting rooms as often as you need.

      Learn more

    • Meeting Rooms

      Book any of our flexible high-quality meeting rooms for events, trainings, meetings, seminars, conferences, and discussions

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Answers to your coworking questions

How to find flexible office space in Accra Ghana?

With fast road links and an International Airport, Accra is well connected to other parts of Ghana. Fully-equipped flexible office spaces in Accra can help you expand your business and stay close to the city’s centre. Looking for flexible office solutions? Want to rent a space that inspires you and your team? Check out AfricaWorks.

Best Coworking Space Accra?

AfricaWorks is the best coworking space in Accra. If you’re looking for a place to work or grow your business in Accra, then you should check out AfricaWorks. This innovative space is aimed at bringing the best in technology and coworking to the Ghanaian market. AfricaWorks operates in nine cities across Africa and has a bespoke solution for each business.

AfricaWorks’ mission is to develop the entrepreneurial DNA of the African continent and aims to become the leading pan-African business community by creating dedicated support centres for its entrepreneurs. Currently, it boasts clients such as L’Oreal, Universal Music Group, Paystack, and Glovo.

How Much Do Flexible Office Spaces cost in Accra?

The average price of renting a shared desk start from GHS 1,560 to GHS 2,115 per person monthly. These prices are based on a 24-month contract. These are estimated prices and might vary by the number of people, size of the space, and specific working requirements. Contact the space to get a brief.

Pricing Info

Can I book a coworking desk for a day in Accra?

Yes, you can use a shared workspace in Accra for as long or as short as you need. Rent a hot desk for as little as an hour a day.

Is coworking better than renting an office space?

A coworking space provides businesses with the flexibility to embrace the hybrid work model without the burden of expensive long-term leases.

Is a hot desking better than private offices?

Hot desks are a great option for companies or individuals who have a heavy travel schedule or work from multiple locations. Unlike private offices, there are no assigned seats or cubicles.  You can show up to work at 10 am one day and find that someone else has your favourite seat!

What types of workspace can you rent in Accra?

There are a lot of options for freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations to work. You can choose a hot desk, a private office, or an enterprise solution. Accra has several workspaces so you can choose the space closest to your location.

What does a coworking membership include?

A coworking membership in a premium space like AfricaWorks gives you a Pan African community to work, network and grow your business. You also get access to modern amenities like fibre internet, high-quality flexible offices, ergonomic furniture, kitchenette, dedicated meeting rooms, hub, phone booths, valet services as well as the option to customize your space as you require.

co-working space in Accra Ghana

Discover Accra’s best coworking spaces

A thriving business community and vibrant entrepreneurial hub make Accra the perfect location for startup companies to find the best coworking hub in Ghana. From high-profile corporate offices to modern coworking lofts, Accra is full of options. Monthly offices are an ideal way to find a launch pad, promote your services, host events, or organise an acceleration hub for a project team or a long-term home for a business. AfricaWorks’services make it easy to work without the hassle of brokers and leases.


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