From Abuja to Lagos: My Experience at AfricaWorks

my experience at AfricaWorks

When I told my friend I was working full time in Lagos, she couldn’t believe it. “What is the name of the company”, “What do they do?” and “How do you plan to deal with Lagos’s stress”? 

Well, I have the answers to the first two questions. But the one about the Lagos stress, hmmm, still figuring it out.

It’s been a wild ride since I joined AfricaWorks. If you’ve seen AfricaWorks’ posts on social media, press releases, or blogs lately, chances are you are reading my work (Slow clap). AfricaWorks is leading the future of work in the continent and I’m proud to be telling the story.

Businesses starting up in Africa and scaleups expanding to Africa need convenient locations to work and network across the continent. AfricaWorks meets that need by providing high-quality flex workspaces for Africa’s top businesses.

I help businesses find AfricaWorks online. My team and I are constantly creating social media content, blog posts and partnership content. There’s almost always a new partnership with an accelerator hub, a business community, media house or VC, so I am always writing. Maybe this post will convince HR to give me a raise (let’s be hopeful). 

my experience at AfricaWorks

At one of our Friday Marketing Meetings, our founder, Greg explained why we have a lot of partnerships and what we hope to achieve. Our vision is to have Africa’s best businesses work and collaborate under our OneRoof®. And we are getting there. We currently have over 150 businesses and over 2,000 individuals working from our spaces. We are also opening more spaces across Africa in the coming months.

AfricaWorks is located in eight cities across the continent, so you can launch in one city and expand to another with ease. L’Oréal first came to our Abidjan space before expanding to Accra. Glovo started with us first in Abidjan before setting up their Nigerian HQ at AfricaWorks Lagos.

The African tech ecosystem is growing, and we have our sights set on bigger goals. Beyond providing real estate solutions, AfricaWorks is transitioning into a tech company. Looks like my dream of becoming a tech sis is finally happening!  We’re designing a B2B service marketplace called AfricaWorks Services. It’ll help us connect our members to partnered services providers like recruiting, marketing, finance, expansion, and everything they need to grow their businesses.

Besides the amazing work we are doing for businesses in Africa, I love how inclusive AfricaWorks is. Women make up more than 60% of the workforce, and we have women doing amazing in male-dominated roles, like our construction manager, Soukeyna Fara Diop.

Since I joined AfricaWorks, we’ve never slowed down. We opened in 3 more cities in Africa, partnered with Viva Technology for the AfricaTech awards, welcomed new prestigious members like Chapter54, Paystack and Africa Scotland Business Network and featured in several publications.

Whew! That’s a lot.

Is it easy packing up and settling in Lagos?


But it’s been an amazing couple of months with AfricaWorks. The banter from the marketing team, writing copies for yet another partnership and the excitement to see our members win. It is a joy to be heralding the future of work in Africa and solving real-time problems for businesses on the continent.

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