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Total (Ltd) Pty is a global energy & petroleum company that produces fuels, natural gases and various low-carbon products. They currently have corporate offices in all the major cities around the world. In January 2018 they opened a tender for a design and build solution for their new headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.


The office interiors works around the concept of “natural wellness” and sustainability. The goal was to reflect the TOTAL OIL’s commitment to clean energy & transparency. We did this through the application of materials, colors, textures and use of circulation space.

The material palette is dominated by natural & recycled wood finishes, The carpet resembles natural textures: grass, gravel and stone, and compliments the timber and concrete to generate the sensation of being permanently in touch with nature.


TOTAL Zambia (Ltd) had put to tender a proposal for a design company to design and build their new headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia. At the time of the tender their corporate offices were situated at their distribution terminal in an industrial area of Lusaka. The move was not only for them to have offices that fitted in the new TOTAL Brand Guidelines, but they wanted a space where their staff, clients and partners to conduct business in a more welcoming & less polluted environment. 

The AfricaWorks Design & Build Scope of works was to move 96 staff members into a 3 level 1100m² newly built building in the heart of Lusaka. The design had to include meeting rooms to service each department, quiet rooms, canteen, reception and touch down spaces.

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